Carrot Cake

Carrot Bundt Cake, Cinnamon Cream Cheese Glaze, Candied Carrot, Raisin/Pedro Ximenex Pudding & Nut Crumble from Frederick, Maryland Chef Chris Spear


Cooking with Kombucha: The Laundry List of Ideas

Here is a list of potential ways to use kombucha in cooking, compiled from a Twitter discussion

Practice What You Preach

This past weekend I catered a dinner party for some friends. They had a theme, and emailed me a list of ideas, but ultimately left the menu planning to me. Included in the email was a link to a cake that had caught their eye. I knew nothing about the website it came from or… Continue reading Practice What You Preach

Chorizo Frosting

Chorizo Frosting It’s funny how you start working on one thing, but find something more exciting along the way. I was making a chorizo stock for an upcoming event. It was just spicy Mexican chorizo, water and maple syrup cooked for 4 hours. The next day, I strained the thick fat cap off of the… Continue reading Chorizo Frosting

Prime Rib Buttercream

Recently, we’ve been working a lot with rendered fat to see what we can do. When cooking a prime rib, sometimes I trim the fat before cooking and other times I don’t. This week as I was prepping a couple of ribs, I had a thought. I trimmed a lot of the thick white fat… Continue reading Prime Rib Buttercream

Perception and Presentation

How things are presented affect how they are perceived. Take something like offal. Pretty delicious but there are a lot of skeptics. Why? Because it’s animal organs, and that’s weird. We can all agree that honey is wonderful, but at the end of the day it’s really just bee vomit. Pretty weird, eh?