Last year I did a brief post on cooking with Kombucha. I’ve done a few things with it since then, but haven’t really jumped into it like I’d hoped. Then, a few weeks ago on Twitter, I’d posted my list of my current ideas, hoping people would let me know their thoughts. I was excited with the ideas that were shared, and wanted to list them here. Thanks to everyone who played along. This might be the summer of cooking with kombucha.


Use as cocktail base

Pickling brine

In vinaigrettes


Fluid gels


In a chilled soup

What else you got?

From Mark (From Belly to Bacon)

Chess pie filling

Like a pickle back

Sorbet base

BBQ sauce

Scoby candy

Ice cubes for cocktails


From Stephen (Field & Table)

Poaching liquid

From James Briscione


Add starches to make meringue, or dehydrate and grind into a powder

From Nicholas Hall 

Souring agent for quick cheeses like ricotta & paneer

As a shrub base

Instead of lemon juice in mayonnaise

From David Posey (Blackbird)

He also mentioned it as a great base for BBQ

From Sophia (Real Simple Food)

Simple Syrup

Turkish Delight



What a great list. It’s exciting to see people share what they’re  working on, or even their maybes. With the ever-growing list of regional kombucha producers, we’re starting to see some really interesting flavors. The possibilities seem endless. Check back to see where I go with this.

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