Recipe: Mexican Hot Chocolate Soil- Bacon Version

A recipe for Mexican Hot Chocolate Crumble with Bacon from Frederick. Maryland chef Chris Spear


Mason Dixon Master Chef Tournament 2017

A wrap-up of Battle Bacon with Frederick, Maryland’s Roasthouse Pub and Perfect Little Bites at the 2017 Mason Dixon Master Chef Tournament

Peanut Financiers

A year ago I hadn’t ever thought about using peanut flour, but after a dinner at Ian Boden’s The Shack, I was convinced that I needed to pick some up. I don’t know how many companies produce it, but I found the Byrd Mill brand. They have both light and dark with different fat contents.… Continue reading Peanut Financiers

Hot Sauce Hack

You don’t always have to start from scratch. Sometimes you can tweak an already great product. Last week we amped up some Frank’s hot sauce. We soaked and drained some guajillo peppers. We added Bulleit bourbon, sliced jalapeños with seeds, smoked paprika and rendered Edward’s bacon fat. Bring the mix to a simmer. Allow it… Continue reading Hot Sauce Hack

Happy Registered Dietitian Day

I know that it’s registered dietitian day because my wife is one. I also know that it’s not spelled dietician like people think, including the Frederick News Post who spelled it that way in yesterday’s blurb about my wife. So, today we would like to remind you that everything is OK in moderation.  People assume that dessert… Continue reading Happy Registered Dietitian Day