Green Martini

   For this cocktail I started with the idea of a gin martini, but wanted to add Green Chartreuse into it. I knew that I had a lot of hefty botanicals here, and balancing it would be a challenge. I love the Vya vermouth but it doesn’t always play nice with other complex spirits.  After… Continue reading Green Martini

Chilled Magazine: Featured Mixologist

Today I was the featured mixologist on the Chilled Magazine website. If you’re not familiar with Chilled, they’re a publication dedicated to cocktails. It was an honor to be featured on their site. If you’re interested, you can find the link here. You can find a recipe for the Test Flight, one of my signature… Continue reading Chilled Magazine: Featured Mixologist

The Perfect Ratio For Brewing Coffee

Today I’d like to share my second guest post. This one comes from Jeff Givens of Southern Skies Coffee Roasters in Finksburg, Md. One of the most common questions Jeff gets is, “How much coffee do I use when making a cup or pot of coffee?” Jeff has come up with a foolproof ratio. I’ve used it… Continue reading The Perfect Ratio For Brewing Coffee

Corn on the Cob Bourbon, Corn Husk Syrup & The Street Corn Sour

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you might have seen my original post on Corn on the Cob Bourbon, ISI Infusions and Fat Washing from 2012. This summer, I started talking with Jed Portman from Garden & Gun magazine about it, as well as all things corn husk related. I’m thrilled to announce that… Continue reading Corn on the Cob Bourbon, Corn Husk Syrup & The Street Corn Sour

Test Flight- A Lighter Aviation

In general, my cocktail preferences lean towards all alcohol drinks like a Manhattan or a Negroni. My wife, on the other hand, thinks many of my amaro-heavy drinks “taste like cough syrup or poison”. Subsequently, I modify a lot of cocktails for her. I recently picked up a bottle of Creme Yvette, so I thought… Continue reading Test Flight- A Lighter Aviation

Fast “Aged” Bourbon

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not that patient, and kind of cheap. Over the past few months I’ve seen a few different recipes for quick-aged bourbon, but hadn’t tried it yet. It wasn’t until I read Craft Cocktails at Home that I decided to give it a go. Now, you’d never confuse… Continue reading Fast “Aged” Bourbon

Nectarine Kümmel

I recently made a batch of Kümmel using a clone recipe from Homemade Liqueurs and Infused Spirits. The home recipe is made by infusing vodka with caraway, cumin and fennel, and then adding simple syrup. Instead of adding the syrup to the whole batch, I left it out, adding sweetener to smaller batches depending on… Continue reading Nectarine Kümmel