Green Martini

For this cocktail I started with the idea of a gin martini, but wanted to add Green Chartreuse into it. I knew that I had a lot of hefty botanicals here, and balancing it would be a challenge. I love the Vya vermouth but it doesn’t always play nice with other complex spirits. 

After much trial and error, I ended up with a ratio I liked. To push it over the edge, why not add some hop bitters. i don’t have a name I love, so right now I’m using Green Martini as a place-holder. Any suggestions?

2 oz High Wire Barrel-Rested Gin

.75 oz Vya Extra Dry Vermouth

.75 oz Green Chartreuse 

6 Drops Bittercube Hop Bitters

Stir on ice and strain into a chilled glass. No garnish needed. 

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