Frederick News Post Feature

Frederick, Maryland chef Chris Spear was recently featured in The Frederick News Post discussing his personal chef business Perfect Little Bites


My Frederick Magazine Feature- Smoked Gouda Grits with Country Ham & Pickled Jalapenos

Here is chef Chris Spear’s recipe for Smoked Gouda Grits that was featured in Frederick Magazine’s Best of 2016 issue

Thumbtack- Best of 2015 Winner

I’m thrilled to have been given this nod from Thumbtack. I have the best customers. Thank you all. If you like what you see, please consider hiring me for an in-home dinner or cooking lesson. I run a personal chef business based out of Frederick, MD. Get more information here. Thank you. Chris Spear

Booze- A List of Ideas

Going through one of my cocktail notebooks, I found a lot of things in the “to-do list”. There are infusions, cocktails and dishes based on coktails. Hoping to bang a few of these out soon. Here’s what I have: A cocktail based on waldorf salad using Nocino (walnuts), apple brandy, Pedro Ximenez Sherry (raisins) and… Continue reading Booze- A List of Ideas

Smoked Gouda & Hot Pepper Relish Spread

I have a pretty well-known love of pimento cheese. After years of adjustments, I feel like I finally have my recipe down. The next step was to make a series of cheese spreads that were loosely based on pimento cheese. Since I’m a sucker for smoked gouda, it seemed like the natural next step. The… Continue reading Smoked Gouda & Hot Pepper Relish Spread

Avocado Green Goddess

My new favorite dressing for summer. You can use a variety of herbs. I’ve come up with my preferred blend. In the loose recipe below, I list them in descending order. I’ve never been a huge fan of a strong anchovy flavor, but find that a few splashes of Red Boat Fish Sauce do the… Continue reading Avocado Green Goddess