A Cocktail Featuring Tenth Ward Sienna Liqueur and High Wire Hat Trick Gin

Here is a cocktail recipe highlighting the new Sienna liqueur from Frederick, Maryland’s Tenth Ward Distilling Company


Unnamed Mexican Coffee Cocktail

An unnamed Mexican coffee cocktail with tequila, kahlua, bitters and autocrat coffee syrup by Frederick, Maryland chef Chris Spear

Booze- A List of Ideas

Going through one of my cocktail notebooks, I found a lot of things in the “to-do list”. There are infusions, cocktails and dishes based on coktails. Hoping to bang a few of these out soon. Here’s what I have: A cocktail based on waldorf salad using Nocino (walnuts), apple brandy, Pedro Ximenez Sherry (raisins) and… Continue reading Booze- A List of Ideas

Bësk Yet

As my wife would say, “If you like drinks that taste like cough syrup or poison…”. But, I’d like to think of this as a more interesting play on a Negroni, which is where I started. If you’re not familiar with a negroni, it’s equal parts of gin, campari and sweet vermouth. Having recently acquired… Continue reading Bësk Yet