cocktail with tenth ward sienna liqueur, high wire hat trick gin and la croix passionfruit water by frederick md chef chris spear

The new Sienna Liqueur from Tenth Ward in Frederick, MD is pretty great. It’s their apple brandy infused with ginger, plum, black tea, turmeric, allspice, cinchona bark, sage, fennel, saffron and honey. If you live in the area, and were lucky enough to grab a bottle, I put together a cocktail. It is currently unnamed. Any ideas?

Unnamed Cocktail 111917

2 oz Tenth Ward Distilling Company Sienna Liqueur
1 oz High Wire Distilling Co. Hat Trick Gin
.5 oz Fresh Lime Juice
Float Passionfruit LaCroix Water

Shake the 2 spirits and lime juice on ice. Strain into a rocks glass on new ice. Top with passionfruit water.

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