Idea Notebook

Going through one of my cocktail notebooks, I found a lot of things in the “to-do list”. There are infusions, cocktails and dishes based on coktails. Hoping to bang a few of these out soon. Here’s what I have:

A cocktail based on waldorf salad using Nocino (walnuts), apple brandy, Pedro Ximenez Sherry (raisins) and Cel-Ray celery soda. I haven’t worked out any ratios yet, and I’m not really sure about this, but it’s worth a shot.

Szechuan peppercorn brandy/cognac

Reposado tequila with guajillo peppers

Cocoa nib scotch

Country ham bourbon

Red miso tincture

Green curry coconut cachaca

Jalapeno cynar

Besk infused with grapefruit

Blackberry infused Suze or chartreuse

Some type of pastrami spiced liquor

Smoking/charring citrus for cocktails

Chorizo bitters

This is a work in progress. Just a few interesting things I pulled out of old notebooks.

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Chris Spear