Chili Lemongrass Chicken Salad

Here is a recipe for Chili Lemongrass Chicken Salad by Frederick Maryland chef Chris Spear. This recipe makes use of leftovers from a Vietnamese takeout restaurant


Southen Dinner Party at The Kitchen Studio

Starting in January 2016, I will be doing a few cooking classes at The Kitchen Studio in Frederick, Maryland. On Sat Jan 30th, I’m going to be holding a class called The Ultimate Southern Dinner Party. We’ll be making and eating Quick Pickles, Pimento Cheese, Wedge Salad, Shrimp & Grits and Chess Pie. Come learn how I like to make them. Under my guidance you’ll make the food, and then we’ll all eat together. The event is BYOB (bourbon, anyone?) and only costs $68. You can get more details here, and reserve a spot.

How to Have an Amazing Restaurant Experience in the Comfort of Your Home

With Perfect Little Bites, I bring the restaurant experience to you. My name is Chris Spear. I work as an in-home personal chef and culinary instructor. While my business is based in Frederick, Maryland, I provide service within a 70-mile radius which includes Baltimore, Washington D.C., northern Virginia and parts of southern Pennsylvania. Whether you’re… Continue reading How to Have an Amazing Restaurant Experience in the Comfort of Your Home

Innovations in Cream Cheese

Why has there been so little innovation in flavored cream cheese? I’m sure that some would argue that we don’t need it, but I would find find it a welcome change. Having eaten them for more than 20 years, its always been the same cast of characters: everything, chive or scallion, cinnamon, lox and maybe pumpkin… Continue reading Innovations in Cream Cheese

A Day on the Bay

Yesterday I had the opportunity to head out onto the Chesapeake Bay on a chefs’ trip, led by Steve Vilnit. Steve is the Director of Fisheries Marketing at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, and is doing a lot to help educate both chefs, and the public, on the great seafood we have here in the… Continue reading A Day on the Bay