Mexican Kale & Ramp Kimchi

A recipe for Mexican Kale and Ramp Kimchi from Frederick, Maryland chef Chris Sear


Miso & Koji Workshops with OurCookQuest

A recap of last week’s miso and koji workshops with Rich Shih of OurCookQuest

Cooking With Kombucha

I’ve been on a Kombucha kick lately, and not just for drinking. I enjoy all things sour, so it got me thinking. I started to use it anywhere vinegar would be used. My favorite flavor is the Multi-Green because it has that earthy grass undertone, b…

Meat Manual

A friend recently passed this on to me and I thought I’d share. If you’re into charcuterie and sausage making, this might be of interest. It is a PDF entitled the Bactoferm Meat Manual: Function and Application of Starter Cultures For Fermented Sa…

Brian Polcyn Plays With His Meat

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to work with chef Brian Polcyn. If you aren’t familiar with him, he is the author of the books Charcuterie and Salumi with Michael Ruhlman. He is also the chef at The Forest Grill and the charcuterie instructo…