Scrapple Dip

Scrapple Dip

Like crab dip, but better (and cheaper) Scrapple Dip just happened. We had some leftover cooked scrapple and wanted to try a few things. NOTE: I have posted the full recipe here So, I put the scrapple in the food processor and puréed it. Then I added cream cheese,...

Ginger Beer

I’ve been working on my first Ginger Bug. It’s entry level fermentation, but I had never actually tried it. I’m four days in and there are signs of life, so I’m optimistic.

The Growing List

Here’s what I have for seeds, so far. Borage Bloody Dock Purslane Genovese Basil Oregano Rosemary Nasturtiums- Dwarf Jewel Nasturtiums- Jewel Peach Melba Shiso Ransoms Chives Onion- Zebrune Onion- Tokyo Long White Lettuce- Romaine European Mesclun Pepper-...