Transcribed Interview with Frederick Advice Givers

A transcribed interview between Eric Verdi of Frederick Advice Givers and personal chef Chris Spear


Smoked Gouda Grits- Behind the Scenes

Smoked Gouda Grits with Country Ham Chip and Pickled Jalapenos Made in a Crock Pot for Frederick Magazine

Caramelized White Chocolate & Szechuan Peppercorn Ganache

I was working on a new dessert, and wanted to incorporate Szechuan peppercorns into it, without it being overpowering. I thought that white chocolate would be the perfect vehicle for it, especially if I roasted the chocolate first. This worked out far better than I had hoped. It’s super-easy, and I hope that you try… Continue reading Caramelized White Chocolate & Szechuan Peppercorn Ganache

Molecular Gastronomy Demo at Stratford University

On Monday I had the opportunity to lead my first college workshop. When I was first approached by a chef at Stratford University in Baltimore, I was a bit skeptical. Public speaking has never been my thing. Like many chefs, I’m much more comfortable grinding it out in the kitchen with my staff or chatting… Continue reading Molecular Gastronomy Demo at Stratford University

Innovations in Cream Cheese

Why has there been so little innovation in flavored cream cheese? I’m sure that some would argue that we don’t need it, but I would find find it a welcome change. Having eaten them for more than 20 years, its always been the same cast of characters: everything, chive or scallion, cinnamon, lox and maybe pumpkin… Continue reading Innovations in Cream Cheese