Almond & Green Grape Gazpacho

Almond & Grape Gazpacho with English Cucumber, Nasturtium, Marcona Almonds, Pickled Green Strawberry and Kale Flowers


The Growing List

Here’s what I have for seeds, so far. Borage Bloody Dock Purslane Genovese Basil Oregano Rosemary Nasturtiums- Dwarf Jewel Nasturtiums- Jewel Peach Melba Shiso Ransoms Chives Onion- Zebrune Onion- Tokyo Long White Lettuce- Romaine European Mesclun Pepper- Tequila Sunrise Pepper- Sweet King of the North Pepper- Fish Pepper- Anaheim Radish- French Breakfast Radish- White Hailstone… Continue reading The Growing List

Carrot Beurre Blanc

Carrot Beurre Blanc We made this sauce this week to go on top of pan seared hake that was being served for an event. Technically, I shouldn’t use the term “blanc” because it’s not. Obviously, the sauce is a vibrant orange. The sauce is really easy to make and packs a lot of flavor. It… Continue reading Carrot Beurre Blanc

An Evening with René Redzepi

Last week I went to Washington DC to see chef René Redzepi speak about his restaurant Noma in Copenhagen. Much of the discussion focused the creative process, letting go of total control and bringing some fun back into the kitchen. It was nice to see such a candid discussion from one of today’s most influential… Continue reading An Evening with René Redzepi