Chilled Magazine: Featured Mixologist

Today I was the featured mixologist on the Chilled Magazine website. If you’re not familiar with Chilled, they’re a publication dedicated to cocktails. It was an honor to be featured on their site. If you’re interested, you can find the link here. You can find a recipe for the Test Flight, one of my signature… Continue reading Chilled Magazine: Featured Mixologist

The Bitter Bird- A Rob Roy-ish Cocktail

My favorite cocktails are the ones that are interesting twists on the classics. I’ve been enjoying the bottle of Suze I recently picked up, and wanted to work it into a new cocktail. Suze is a French aperitif with gentian. It is both sweet and bitter. I’ve been on a bit of a scotch kick… Continue reading The Bitter Bird- A Rob Roy-ish Cocktail

The Perfect Ratio For Brewing Coffee

Today I’d like to share my second guest post. This one comes from Jeff Givens of Southern Skies Coffee Roasters in Finksburg, Md. One of the most common questions Jeff gets is, “How much coffee do I use when making a cup or pot of coffee?” Jeff has come up with a foolproof ratio. I’ve used it… Continue reading The Perfect Ratio For Brewing Coffee

An Ode to the Manhattan (and My Mom)

Is there a more perfect cocktail than the Manhattan? If my mom were alive, she would be 70 today. She was a lifelong Manhattan drinker, consuming one every evening. There was no measuring or straining. You threw about 2 parts of cheap American whiskey and 1 part of unrefrigerated M&R sweet vermouth into a glass… Continue reading An Ode to the Manhattan (and My Mom)