Urfa Biber Pepper Honey Vinegar

As you’ve seen on my site before, I really hate wasting products. Recently, I made Concord Jelly Vinegar, but that’s only one of many vinegars I make. Technically, this is infusing as opposed to actually making, which I also do. One of my rules is that if you strain something out, you look at the dregs and see if it’s something that could infuse a vinegar. This week I wanted to make Urfa Pepper Honey. The process was as simple as heating 1 cup of honey with 3 tablespoons of Urfa Biber pepper flakes. Let the pepper infuse for about 10 minutes and strain it out.

So, just like the grape jelly, I was left with a strain full of usable product. The pepper had a lot of heat left, and a nice honey sweetness. We put the sticky pepper flakes in a plastic deli container and poured white balsamic vinegar over it. Within a matter hours we had a delicious spicy vinegar using something that could have easily ended up in the trash bin. What scraps could you infuse into vinegar?

Urfa Biber Pepper Honey Vinegar

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