Concord Grape Jelly Vinegar

A few days ago I wrote about Fall produce, and my love of concord grapes. Yesterday I got my first batch of jelly going, and finished it up today. As I said in my last post, I really love the Concord Jelly recipe in The Mile End Deli Cookbook. I won’t share the recipe here, but I will tell you that it calls for cardamom pods as well as large strips of both orange and lemon zest. In their recipe they put the cardamom and zest in a cheesecloth, but in my version I simply leave them in the jelly. I’ll be straining them out with the skins and seeds anyway. But here’s another reason why. It makes a great addition to my concord jelly vinegar. This is something I started doing last year. As I was straining the jelly, it struck me that it was wasteful to throw out the skins, zest and cardamom.

Concord Jelly Vinegar

I put the skins, seeds, zest and cardamom, all lovingly covered in delicious concord jelly, into a deli container. Here comes the hard part. Pour in vinegar. I had white balsamic on hand, but have also used rice vinegar. Stir it and let it sit. That’s it. So, it’s a Concord Jelly Infused Vinegar. Thoughts?

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