I really love the Amère Sauvage that I recently picked up. As of late, it’s been my bittering agent of choice, though not an economical one.
This week I also picked up a bottled of Som Pineapple Drinking Vinegar, a product of Andy Ricker‘s Pok Pok empire. The instructions are to mix 1 part with 4 parts of water, either still or sparkling, or add it to a cocktail.
I mixed some with club soda over crushed ice. As a drink on its own, it was quite delicious. Both sweet & acidic, it only needed one thing to make a well-balanced cocktail…a hint of bitterness.

Bitter in Chiang Mai
1 oz Bittermens Amère Sauvage
1 oz Pok Pok Pineapple Som Drinking Vinegar
4 oz Club Soda

Fill a rocks glass with crushed ice. Add all the ingredients and gently mix. I’m not a big garnish guy, but a piece of grilled pineapple might be nice


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Chris Spear