frederick maryland chef chris spear addresses his writing style and photography

In case you’re a new visitor, or even if you’re a long-time reader (thanks ?), I want to address some things about this site. I’ve been writing here for close to 7 years (I think) and I’m so grateful for everyone who takes the time out of their busy schedules to explore what I’m working on. This site, originally a Posterous site, was intended to be a place for me to put my culinary ideas down. I was never looking to be a blogger. It was going to be a culinary notebook that I could share, much like my favorite website Ideas in Food. As my side business Perfect Little Bites grew, I decided to keep the style of the website the same.

Instead of having a boring website like many restaurants and caterers, I wanted to bring value to people, both customers and non. At it’s core, Perfect Little Bites is a creative, customized dining experience that I bring into my customers’ homes, or other venue. Rather than show menus and pricing, I wanted people to get a feel for my style.

I’m not a blogger. I try saying that without contempt, and maybe I need to embrace the blogger idea. What I really mean is, if I’m eating lunch and have a great idea, I’d much rather snap a quick iPhone picture (regardless of lighting situations) and get a post going. I’m not usually going to break out the Nikon, tripod and lights, though I do enjoy it, and craft a 3-hour long-form post. There are lots of people who do, and some even make a living at it. As a chef who’s spent every day of his working life in a kitchen, I’m somewhat amused every time someone refers to me as a blogger.

I was recently nominated as a top 5 blogger in my city, though I didn’t win, and I’m ok with it. I’ve had amazing opportunities regardless of my brevity or the quality of my photos. I’ve been doing some writing in other places, and it’s a great chance to show that I can actually write, as opposed to quickly throwing down an idea, mediocre grammar and all.

Once again, I thank you so much for reading. This site is going to be more of a focus for me. If you like something you see, or don’t, please let me know. Have an amazing week.



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