Plantain Pie With Coconut Mousse Topping

I know I’m on the verge of becoming a desert blog, but that’s just where my head is at right now. And I love to watch how dishes evolve. We recently filled wontons with a Plantains Foster filling. This week, we revisited that same filling, but wanted to make a pie out of it. Plantains were sauteed in butter with cinnamon and brown sugar. Then, light them on fire with your liquor of choice (rum works well). When they have cooled off, but aren’t quite cold, put them in a pre-baked pie shell (use whatever recipe you like, or buy one if you’re feeling lazy). I wanted to make a coconut topping. I have a great neutral mousse mix made by RC Fine Foods. In a pinch, it works great. Instead of using whole milk or cream, I used coconut milk. Whip it up and top the pie. If you’re feeling extra decadent, put a dollop of chantilly and toasted coconut on it. I’m sure you could add a mango salad or coulis on there but, ain’t got time for that.

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Chris Spear

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