Peanut Gnocchi

Peanut Gnocchi

Today I finally got the peanut pasta where I wanted it. If you’ve been reading the blog for a few months, you know that I picked up a bag of Peanut Flour from Byrd Mill, and have been trying a number of recipes with it including Peanut Financiers. Last week I went to StarChefs ICC in NYC. While there I took a pasta workshop that was led by Jenn Louis of Lincoln and Matt Accarrino of SQPR. After the workshop I asked Matt on his thoughts about using peanut flour in pasta. He hadn’t tried it but suggested I look at a chestnut pasta recipe as a base. When I got home I was reading Jenn’s new book Pasta By Hand and found here recipe for Chestnut Gnocchi.

The base recipe looked great and I gave it a shot. My only change was to replace the chestnut flour with the peanut flour. There are a few different types of peanut flour. I like the 28% light roast. The pasta worked out great. I don’t think it needs any adjustments. Now I’m working on sauce and accompaniments for it. I think country ham would be great. As luck would have have it, I was also working on a large batch of concord jelly today, so…I heated a pan and added a touch of roasted maitake oil, sauteed the gnocchi in it and finished it with a few tablespoons of the unset jelly. It was really good, and I’m definitely going to explore that combo some more.

PB & J Gnocchi
PB & J Gnocchi

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