This past Tuesday I had the opportunity to have dinner at Cosme, Enrique Olvera’s new restaurant in NYC. I’m a long-time fan who has never eaten in any of his restaurants. I was in town for the StarChefs International Chefs Congress, which chef Olvera was a presenter at, and managed to grab a seat on opening night. I’m not a food reviewer or professional blogger, and there will be more in-depth critiques and photos elsewhere. I just wanted to share a glimpse of the amazing food being served there. I dined by myself, yet was able to consume 7 courses. I really didn’t want the dinner to end. This was truly one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten.

Sliced Raw Hamachi, Fermented Serrano, Black Limes


Cobia al Pastor, Pineapple, Cilantro


Swiss Chard Tamal, Ricotta, Tomato Salsa


Mushroom & Squash Barbacoa, Chilpachole


Enfrijoladas, Ricotta, Hoja Santa, Creme Fraiche, Onion


Husk Meringue, Corn Mousse


Nixtamalized Parsnip, Greek Yogurt, Banana, Amaranth Ice Cream


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Chris Spear