If you didn’t catch the memo, smoking isn’t just for meat anymore. Chefs are smoking spices, condiments and even cocktails. This week I was smoking a lot of things over black cherry. While I had the “smoker” going, I wanted to try white chocolate. We’re doing a community event at the end of the month, and I had committed to a variety of desserts. Wanting to do something different, this seemed like a good starting point. The chocolate was smoked for about 20 minutes. It picked up the perfect amount of smoke without being overbearing. Everyone immediately commented that it tasted like a S’more. The melted chocolate was mixed with sea salt, ras el hanout, toasted almonds and smoked dried apricots. It was allowed to set as a bark, and will hopefully be reworked as a truffle. I’m not sure why I haven’t smoked marshmallow fluff yet, but I’m working on it. 20130418-084313.jpg

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