Cooking with the Kopa Charcoal Oven


Last month I attended the StarChefs International Chefs Congress in Brooklyn, NY, and posted a lot of my pictures here. Part of my trip included covering some of the workshops for StarChefs, and writing pieces for their website. As the articles are posted, I’ll be sharing the links. The first one is up, and I wanted to share it with you. This link will take you to my article.

dsc_0350starchefs internation chefs congress 2016 shola olonyolodsc_0394

Chefs Shola Olunloyo and Giorgio Rapicavoli demonstrated how to use the Kopa charcoal oven, and they cooked delicious food throughout the congress. With the Kopa oven, you have a piece of cooking equipment that acts as both a grill and an oven, combining the best attributes of both. Read the full article and tell me what you think.


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