Boulevardier cocktail with tenth ward caraway rye spirit, campari and vya sweet vermouth

If you’re not familiar with a Boulevardier, it’s essentially a Negroni that replaces the gin with rye. A classic negroni is an equal-parts cocktail, but for this one, I nudge the rye up to 1.25. While everyone should have access to all the ingredients for a classic Boulevardier, this one is a bit of a local-only cocktail. Frederick, Maryland is having a spirits boom, and Tenth Ward Distilling Company is one of those great, new distilleries.

One of the spirits in their portfolio is a caraway rye spirit. It is a white rye, which will be followed by a barrel-aged version at some point. With a strong caraway flavor, it’s unlike any rye I’ve ever had before. Since I have a bottle, I started going through my mental list of great rye cocktails that I could make with the spirits I had on hand. That brings us to the boulevardier. As far as sweet vermouth goes, the Vya has a lot going on. I was a little afraid that it would be too overpowering here, but the caraway in the rye came through fine. A lemon twist gave it just a hint of citrus. I’m pretty happy with this one. Sorry if you can’t make one for yourself.

1.25 oz Tenth Ward White Caraway Rye Spirit
1 oz Campari
1 oz Vya Sweet Vermouth

Stir on ice. Strain. Garnish with a lemon twist

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