Using boston baked beans as refried beans

I love New England Baked Beans. Growing up in Massachusetts, they were a staple in my house. Rather than rehash the whole story, if you click here you’ll find my family’s recipe. So, yesterday I made a very large batch of them for an event, and I had some leftover. Today, as I was looking at the cold leftover beans I had two thoughts:

1) Could you use them in a hummus-type application? Since hummus is a pureed garbanzo bean spread, could you puree the leftover beans for a cold dip? What kind of additional seasonings might you add? What would you dip in it, or put it on?

2) Couldn’t this be the Boston equivalent of refried beans? You cook the beans with a lot of salt pork and all that fat renders out and cooks into the beans. If you’ve ever had my beans or tried this recipe, you know that its a very thick bean that almost becomes pasty. When the beans are cold, there is a striking resemblance to refried beans. You can mash them up a bit more and reheat them. Just to make sure I was on the right path, I hit them with some chipotle hot sauce and a dab of sour cream before scooping it up with tortilla chips. It worked for me. But is there a better application? What would you do with New England Refried Beans?

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