Corn and Corn Husks
Roasted Corn Husk Cream  Roasted Corn Husk Pastry Cream
Summer is slowly winding down. As I begin to start thinking about Fall menus, I had a bit of a panic attack when I realized that our delicious local corn would soon be gone. I was so enamoured with the roasted corn husk ice cream I had made last year, but hadn’t yet recreated or built on it this Summer.

I started thinking aloud on my social media platforms. Maybe an ice cream sandwich with either peach or molasses cookies. But I’m not sure I can make delicious peach cookies, and the molasses might be too overpowering for the ice cream. I could do a peach ice cream with a corn cookie, but that’s too far off track of what I actually wanted to do.

Then I woke up and had a thought. What about infusing roasted corn husks into a pastry cream? It could be the filling for a donut, éclair or creme puff. So the questions became (1)Which one? (2)Masa harina, cornmeal or both and (3)What is the allowable limit for these alternative ingredients that would meet both the corn flavor and traditional structure I was looking for?

Speaking with chef James Briscione, he suggested his recipe for gougères made with cornmeal, perhaps infusing the milk with roasted corn husks and cobs. I think this is the route I’m going to take. I’ll keep you posted, hopefully with recipes.

What kind of roasted corn husk dessert would you make?

Corn Husk Meringue with Corn Mousse at Cosme

Corn Husk Meringue with Corn Mousse at Cosme

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