Chimichurri Buttermilk Dressing


Chimichurri Buttermilk Dressing

Sometimes playing connect the dots leads to something delicious. I made a large batch of chimichurri sauce yesterday for one of our dishes. One of my cooks tried it and said ” Tastes like Italian Dressing”. It makes sense given that it’s red wine vinegar, olive oil, fresh parsley, lemon juice, dried oregano, garlic & onion. I had never thought about it that way. But in it’s current form, it wouldn’t work as a dressing. I threw it in the blender to make a completely smooth purée. Then I whisked it up with mayo and buttermilk. It was the freshest, brightest creamy Italian dressing I’ve ever had. I see myself putting this into rotation. Solicit opinions. It’s surprising what you come up with.


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