Dried Fruit Jam made from cherries, prunes, raisins, cranberries & cabernet wine

A few years ago I found a recipe for a red wine fruit jam. I’ve been sitting on the recipe for a while, having never made it. I honestly can’t remember where I found it, but decided to finally give it a go. Making a few adjustments, the base recipe is cabernet wine, canned prunes, dried cherries, craisins & raisins. Simmer everything together and then puree it. There are no spices in the recipe, but you could easily add cinnamon, hot pepper or Chinese 5. Go nuts.

I’m glad I finally made it, because it tastes great. It’s fairly tart, though well-balanced. I started thinking of all its potential uses and spin-offs. It would easily pair with meat, charcuterie and cheese. But I think it would also go well in a dessert or shaken into a cocktail. It could be blended into a buttercream or ganache, or maybe even a pastry cream.

Then, there are the dipping sauces. I made a 50/50 ratio with both mayo (pictured below) and ketchup. I decided to fry up some panko-crusted shrimp and try out the sauces. The shrimp worked well with the regular, ketchup and the mayo. I also dipped some tater tots in it. Don’t judge.

I’m thinking that the average cranberry mayo just got an upgrade. Try some on your turkey sandwich.

Dried Fruit Jam mayo made from cherries, prunes, raisins, cranberries & cabernet wine

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