Autumn is Upon Us

Husk Cherries
Husk Cherries

I love the arrival of Fall. I look forward to heading to the farmer’s markets and seeing what they have. This week I picked up Husk Cherries, Paw Paws and Concord Grapes. If you’re unfamiliar with these items, I’m providing some informative links. I’ve been working on recipes with these goodies this week, but am not quite ready to share results and recipes. I will tell you that I love making concord jelly using the recipe in The Mile End Deli Cookbook. It’s a great cookbook across the board, and I love the addition of cardamom to their jelly recipe.

Paw Paws
Paw Paws

Last week The Washington Post ran a great piece on paw paws that’s worth checking out. You can read about husk/ground cherries over at Smithsonian magazine.

Concord Grapes
Concord Grapes

If you like what you see, please consider hiring me for an in-home dinner or cooking lesson. I run a personal chef business based out of Frederick, MD. Get more information here. Thank you.

Chris Spear


3 thoughts on “Autumn is Upon Us

    1. They’re really hard to find here. There’s one guy in town who has a tree and sells some at the farmers market in the fall. It’s his second year selling and he only brings 5 a week. If you can find a cherimoya, the flavor is pretty similar

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