I’ve wanted to work on this for a while. I had a dish from Jordan Kahn that I think had this in it. I made note of it two years ago and then never tried it.
I took some extra firm tofu that we had on hand and drained it. It was sliced in four pieces lengthwise and put in the hotel pan smoker, which we put on the grill. It was smoked over apple wood for 10 minutes. When done, it was puréed for 5 minutes in the food processor with 3/4 tablespoons sea salt. The mixture was put in the fridge to cool.
You could purée in a vita prep to get a smoother consistency, but I like it a little more rustic. Also, it could be hung in cheesecloth, but is unnecessary. There was very little syneresis after cooling.
Now it’s time to see how it will be used.