Yesterday, as I was taking a liquor inventory, I found a few relics buried in the back of the liquor cage. A previous bartender had picked up a case of Raspberry Twisted Tea shortly before she moved on. This isn’t something that has moved with our customers, and I can’t blame them. So, this is where the fun begins. We started brainstorming all the ways we could use up this adult beverage.
Desserts seem like a good place to start. We thought about making it into a caramel. Along those same lines, what about a gastrique? Sweet tea brine for fried chicken? Mix a bit into a white chocolate ganache? We’ll see where it goes. I posted my thoughts on Twitter yesterday and Mark S suggested using it for vinegar or swapping it for the mirin in ponzu sauce. Great ideas. I love seeing the different directions people go. (You should also check out Mark’s blog here. He’s doing some great stuff).
I’ll keep posting what I’m working on. Please, let me know any ideas you have. When I’m done with this I have a mixed case of Angry Orchard Cider to work on.