Chorizo Frosting

It’s funny how you start working on one thing, but find something more exciting along the way. I was making a chorizo stock for an upcoming event. It was just spicy Mexican chorizo, water and maple syrup cooked for 4 hours. The next day, I strained the thick fat cap off of the stock.
The stock was just ok. You could pick up on the chorizo flavor, but it was missing the characteristic spice I was looking for. Maybe it needs less water. But it was the fat that was the standout star. It had picked up all the flavor, and was creamy like butter. The fat had also picked up hints of the maple. I put it in cheesecloth and allowed it to hang overnight to make sure all the stock was out of it.
First up today was chorizo cream cheese. It wasn’t rocket science. Just mix the 2 with a paddle until smooth. It was really good on a bagel. It was when we added powdered sugar that it really took off. No recipe here. Just adjust according to taste. Maybe someone else has done this and I’m just late to the party. We’re thinking that the flavor would work best with carrot/parsnip cake, banana bread or something caramel.