Yesterday we were working with lamb testicles. If you’ve never had them, they somewhat resemble sweetbreads in texture and flavor. They have a fairly neutral flavor when fried and can pair with just about anything.
For those who’ve never cooked them before, I’ll walk you through the process, all of which takes 15 minutes, plus the time it takes to prepare your sauce, garnish etc.
Place the untrimmed meat into simmering water for 4 minutes. Remove and plunge into ice water. These first two steps help firm them up for slicing, and make trimming a piece of cake. After 5 minutes in the ice water, remove them and begin trimming. Most of it should be able to be torn off. Be gentle, not tearing the actual testicles. You’re removing what I call the veiny sac. If its hard and rubbery, has veins or nodules, you don’t want to eat it (which will be pretty clear once you’ve begun). You might need a small knife to do some trimming. Once you have them cleaned, slice them into medium slices. You should get close to 5 slices from each one. Set up a breading station. I used lightly seasoned flour, whole eggs and spiced cornflake crumbs. Deep fry (or pan fry) 2 minutes. Drain on a towel/cloth. Serve with your favorite accompaniment. I used a pecan/sorghum romesco sauce and a few nasturtium flowers. If you have questions, feel free to ask.








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