Recently, we’ve been working a lot with rendered fat to see what we can do. When cooking a prime rib, sometimes I trim the fat before cooking and other times I don’t. This week as I was prepping a couple of ribs, I had a thought. I trimmed a lot of the thick white fat off of the top, cut it into cubes and slowly rendered it in a 200 degree oven. When it was done, I strained it and put it in the fridge to set back up.
The intent was to beat it with the paddle, adding a touch of salt, and serving it as a spread for bread. While some of it was reserved for that, we couldn’t help wondering what it would be like as a “buttercream”. Sugar, salt and vanilla was incorporated, and we had ourselves some Prime Rib Buttercream. First stop was cinnamon rolls and they were good. The slightly meaty undertone works well with the cinnamon. I’d like to try it on parsnip cake. There’s only a little left, so a new batch will have to be made soon.

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Chris Spear