Brisket Fat. The (new) New Fat

Bacon fat? Been there, done that. Schmaltz? They say it’s the new thing, but I’ve been doing that for a decade already. But what about brisket fat? I love brisket and it’s a regular menu item for me. If you get a whole brisket, as opposed to just the 1st cut, you get that really nice soft fat on top. After cooking it, we’ve been trimming the fat to use in different applications. It has a great texture that is somewhat similar to bone marrow.

When the brisket is just stating to cool, we pull the fat off and keep in the fridge. The fat is then slowly rendered, separating into a beefy liquid fat that you can sauté in and a soft gelatinous fat which is great as a finishing fat (try stirring it into mashed potatoes).
Obviously, if you smoke you’re brisket you’re going to get a very different, but still amazing flavor. We’re going to push ahead, seeing where this goes.





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