Scrapple Mousse

As I’ve said in a previous post, I love scrapple. Earlier this week, I wanted to play with it a bit. I haven’t ventured into making my own yet, mostly because I can get great quality scrapple every week at the farmers market. This week I picked some up and brought it in to work. It was sliced and seared hard on a flat top, just the way I’d normally cook it. Then I put it in the food processor and added heavy cream while the motor was running. When it was the consistency I was looking for, I pushed it through a tamis, which took a bit of elbow grease. What passed through was a delicious pork offal mousse. It still retained the cornmeal character, but without the characteristic grit. It also picked up some of the caramelized notes due to giving it the hard sear. I think the flavor is well balanced due to the numerous different parts that go into scrapple. This spread could have numerous applications. It was great cold, simply spread on some good bread. I’m hoping to pipe it into beignets. What could you add to the mix? I’m thinking that maple syrup and/or hot sauce would be a natural place to start. So, who still needs foie gras?