It’s great to be able to get multiple components out of one process.  Today I combined fresh blackberries with white balsamic vinegar and sugar.  The original intention was to make a gastrique for our lamb dish.  While I was at it, I decided to make a large enough batch which could be used in cocktails, often referred to as a shrub.  Some of the syrup was removed earlier, so that it would be thinner for the cocktails. The rest reduced more for the gastrique.

The last step is to put it into a fine mesh strainer. Looking down at what was left, it seemed like a shame to get rid of the spent pulp and seeds.  I spread it into a thin paste on parchment and dehydrated it for 3 hours.  What was left was a sweet and sour blackberry “leather” or Fruit Roll-Up. This is going to be a component on one of this week’s desserts.