I know that it’s registered dietitian day because my wife is one. I also know that it’s not spelled dietician like people think, including the Frederick News Post who spelled it that way in yesterday’s blurb about my wife.

So, today we would like to remind you that everything is OK in moderation.  People assume that dessert isn’t allowed in our house or that my wife abstains from alcohol and snacks.  Actually, she can eat with the best of them.  While I know my share of RD’s who seem to have an unhealthy relationship with food, Emily is able to maintain a healthy weight as an omnivore.  Maybe it’s because she has a culinary degree and spent a decade working as a chef first. We both try to stay active and eat a balanced diet.  We’re not into the South Beach, Atkin’s or Paleo thing.  Just eat normal food.  Obviously, limit fast food and junk.  It’s really not rocket science.  If you don’t eat a lot of processed food, then it’s not going to kill you to have cured meat or to salt your protein and veggies.

It is also refreshing to see awesome vegetable preparations from chefs who are known for their meat/charcuterie programs.  Some of the best vegetable dishes we’ve ever had were at La Laiterie/Farmstead  by Matt Jennings, Incanto by Chris Cosentino & Au Pied de Cochon by Martin Picard.

All in balance and moderation.