I made macarons for the first time yesterday, and I must say that I’m pleased with the result. But it was a long time coming. I bought the almond meal 5 months ago. I read everything I could about them. What I ended up doing was over thinking it. How to and how long to age the whites, etc. I didn’t know which method to follow. Then, this weekend I read Stella Parks’s post on “macaron mythbusters”. She is the first person who I’ve heard blow off all that advice. So, throwing caution into the wind, I followed her recipe to a t, and it worked. Sure, they weren’t Ladurée caliber, but pretty good. So, why did I wait so long? What’s the worst that would have happened? I could have spent the last 5 months improving my technique. How many times do you write an idea for a recipe down, but don’t get around to trying it? Make that food. Put it on the plate. Make, eat, tweak, repeat. Just do it.