This was a last minute thing the other night. It evolved from something we had been playing with, as well as a misunderstanding. We’re currently serving rosemary fries on our menu. Nothing crazy, just fries tossed with salt & freshly chopped rosemary. Last week, one of my cooks decided to take our torch to the bowl of fries, adding a nice hint of char. It was a nice touch.
But what about moving the rosemary and char to mayo instead, which could be served with the fries? It was actually a misunderstanding that got us there.
We took a 2 inch deep full size hotel pan and placed it on ice. Put a thin layer of mayo in 2/3 of the pan. In the remaining space, put a few stalks of rosemary, separating the green from the wood. Get your torch and set both the green and the wood on fire. Cover the pan with plastic wrap and wait 20 minutes. Remove the plastic and discard the wood. Put the mayo and charred rosemary in a blender to incorporate. You should have a nice, smoky rosemary mayo. Be careful not to over-blend. It’s possible to break the mayo. We know from experience.