At this year’s StarChefs International Chef’s Congress, there was a special dinner to end the even.  It was a collaborative dinner between Jordan Kahn of the modern Vietnamese restaurant Red Medicine in LA, and Mathias Dahlgren of Sweden.  The dinner was held at Wall & Water Restaurant at Andaz Wall Street ( This was a dinner I was not going to miss.  The food delivered.  I don’t mean this to be a review, but a short photo album of the dinner. I expect that John of Docsconz.Com will have better pictures and a detailed review up soon.  Thanks to Antoinette and Will of StarChefs for another great year.  I’m going to try to do a brief recap of all 3 days.



Chef Dahlgren plating during his ICC hands-on workshop


Chef Kahn “Giving Back to Nature” during his ICC main stage presentation


Chef Kahn: (1) Black Carrots, Tamarind, Dulse (2) Beech Wood with Beech Mushroom (3) Quince Leather, Ham, Yogurt


Chef Dahlgren: “The Essence of the Flavor of Preservation”


Chef Kahn: Charred Sea Urchin, Smoked Tofu, Burnt Chili, Grapefruit


Chef Dahlgren: Tartare of Beef & Oysters


Chef Kahn: Young Turnips Cooked in an Aromatic Fish Toffee, Kale, Sour Dairy, Fermented Banana


Chef Dahlgren: Salt-Baked Beets & Jerusalem Artichokes


Chef Dahlgren: Summer Truffle Pizza with Wild Mushrooms


Chef Kahn: Chocolate Fibers, Bean Curd, Leaves, Cucumber


Absolut Vodka Shooter

Hoarse Radish- Absolut & Citron Vodkas, Horseradish Shrub’gnonette, Fresh Lemon, Lavendar Syrup, Dill

Constant Gardener- Absolut, Fried Sage, Carrot Chartreuse, White Grape, Sarsaparilla Tincture, Fresh Lemon, Salt, Truffle Bitters

Don’t Fret- Absolut 100, Dolin Vermouths, Lemon & Celery Bitters, Cured Onion, Salt