I’ve been a bit enchanted by desserts lately.  I think the draw is that it’s not something I’m used to doing.  As part of our new menu at the restaurant, I decided to tweak the dessert menu and start making some of the items myself.  I wanted to keep them relatively easy but fun, bold & delicious.

For a party we did last week, I ended up serving Grilled Lemon Poundcake with Blueberry/Drambuie Compote & Salted Hennessy Whipped Cream.  To be honest, I was hooked.  


Not that I want to be a one trick pony, but I wanted to bring the grilled poundcake onto our new menu.  But I have that thing inside me that makes me want to keep changing, and I didn’t want to serve the cake the same way on the menu.

Tonight it ended up as Campari Glazed Grilled Grapefruit Poundcake.