It’s my favorite time of year.  The time when people want to argue about gazpacho. Having made a fresh batch today, I thought I’d do a second post on the subject. If you missed my original post from last year, here it is:

After I posted this last year, people disagreed with my method telling me that I should peel and seed my tomatoes. That “anything worth doing, is worth doing right”. Listen to me: You’re going to puree it and put it through a very fine mesh strainer, maybe twice. Don’t waste your time.  I also do this with my tomato sauce, which I tighten back up with tomato paste as needed. I just don’t see the point.

Also, I’m tired of restaurants serving salsa without cilantro or bruschetta without basil and calling it gazpacho.  Where is that velvety smooth soup, thickened with bread, pureed and finished with a bit of Sherry vinegar? I know that I used Saltines in the recipe I previously posted. I don’t usually operate like that, but the bread box was bare. There’s nothing wrong with a little improv.