ISI Green Chartreuse Sabayon (The Recipe)

I’ll start by getting this out of the way.  I know this isn’t a traditional sabayon. It might be more appropriately called “semi-whipped, cool, non-frozen, alcoholic ice cream base”. It was one component of my Last Word dessert. Because I’ve had a few people ask, I figured I’d put it up.  I adapted a recipe I’d found elsewhere.

Green Chartreuse Sabayon

11 egg yolks
9 oz gin sugar
12 fl oz sweet white wine (I used Boordy’s Vidal Blanc)
5 fl oz Green Chartreuse
heavy cream as needed

In a medium pot, whisk egg yolks & sugar to combine. Stir in wine and chartreuse. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly with a spatula. Add cream to reach 1 1/2 quarts. Strain through fine mesh. Chill the base, preferably overnight.  Fill the ISI and charge with 2 charges.  I’ve tried 1 and it’s still a bit runny.  2 charges is a bit more like whipped cream, but if you whip it and let it slack out a few minutes, it’s close to the consistency I like.

Gin Sugar

I wanted to be able to bring some of the botanical qualities of gin to my dessert.  Fill a bowl with granulated sugar and throw in some stalks of fresh rosemary, crushed juniper berries and microplaned citrus zest.  Adjust as you see fit.  It mix it well and let it sit on the counter for a few days.  Then sift/strain out all the other stuff.  I also use this sugar in the lime curd I make.


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