I don’t know if you’ve been to Baltimore lately, but the food scene is really kicking.  When I moved to Maryland 5 years ago, I would tend to go to DC more than Baltimore, but now all my favorite restaurants are there.  I have spent many evenings throwing back a pint or two at The Brewer’s Art, or feasting on inventive, sustainable cuisine at Woodberry Kitchen.  

Recently, The Four Seasons opened a hotel downtown and have put in three great dining options.  There is LAMILL coffee, Wit & Wisdom Tavern and the newly opened Pabu, which I went to tonight.  I’m not going to go into a lengthy review of these places.  I’ll just say that this is one stop shoping for some great food.  You can get top notch coffee, cocktails, sake, sushi, Japanese small plates, modern American and desserts & pastries all under one roof.  The team behind these kitchens include Michael Mina, Ben Lambert, Ken Tominaga, Chris Ford, David Varley & Tiffany Dawn Soto.  

Some of my meal tonight: sake, sushi (hotate, aji & madai), chawanmushi with scallop, prawn and shitake, and a fish & uni tempura served with green salt. I finished with chef Chris Ford’s 4 dessert omakase.

I only took a couple of pictures with my phone.



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Check out pastry chef Chris Ford’s great pastry site with lots of pictures: http://butterloveandhardwork.typepad.com/