When you have the best ingredients, let them shine.  Having spent this past weekend in New England, I had some great seafood.  We went to what looked like a dive bar on the Cape and had some of the best, freshest seafood I’ve had in a while.  Really fresh cod, simple beer batter, done.  A lobster roll was just lobster with a dab of mayo on a buttered, toasted roll with some green leaf.  When you got it, flaunt it.

Then we had a backyard cookout at my cousin’s house.  Fresh Chatham long neck clams that were just caught.  All you need is a pot of boiling water and some melted butter.  Have some quahogs? Add some bacon and bread crumbs.  In the oven they go.

There’s nothing wrong with complex food and new flavor combinations.  I enjoy trying new things and like seeing what chefs can do.  But it’s also great to have really fresh food, prepared simply.