I can’t wait.  It feels like Winter passed us by and we jumped right into late Spring.  Much of my garden from last year survived. I currently have ample stock of rosemary, thyme, oregano, bay, chives, scallions, anise hyssop and rainbow chard.  My fig tree is doing well and my newly planted red cabbage is coming along. 

Before long, the farmers’ markets will start up.  Whatever I don’t grow or trade for with friends, I try to buy from local farmers.  Living in Frederick County Maryland, also having Carroll County nearby, I’m constantly amazed at how many young people seem to not know their vegetables.  Earlier this week, I had to physically show a dishwasher the differnce between a cucumber and a zucchini.  I also had someone not know what mushroom bisque looked like, even though it was full of mushrooms.  I’ve even had a high school grad not know the difference between a green bell pepper and a zucchini. Are you kidding me? These are not urban kids.  They’ve grown up in an area where it smell like manure every day for half of the year.

Please….Turn off The Real Housewives for an hour.  Take your kid, or someone else’s to the farmers’ market.  Take them to the grocery store if you have to. Buy them something.  Anything.  This is our future.   You should know what a zucchini is.