The Last Word is one of my top 3 cocktails, along with the Manhattan and the Negroni.  It is simple to make and very refreshing.  Mix 1 part each of Green Chartreuse, Gin, Marachino Liquor and Fresh Lime Juice.  Shake on ice, strain and serve.  It is herbaceous, sour and a bit sweet.  I wanted to take some of these flavors and incorporate them into a dessert.  Here is the beginning.

White Chocolate Chartreuse Sheet

I modified the Ideas in Food white chocolate sheet recipe.  I removed all the seasonings and replaced them with crushed juniper and lime zest.  After the steeping was done, the Green Chartreuse was added. These sheets will probably be cut into medium sized rounds.


Maraschino Bombay Sauce

Maraschino cherries, some of the syrup and Bombay Sapphire gin.  Pureed and strained.  Heat with .8% Agar Agar. Set, puree and strain eagain.



The rest of the dish is on the way.  I hope to have the final dish up on here soon.