Yes, it’s that time of year again. I don’t need to hear about how a true St Patty’s Day meal would have ham, not corned beef. Save it.
I take my corned beef seriously. All manners of brisket for that matter. I have been reminded that while running a kitchen in Seattle, I once loudly proclaimed “I’m Boston fuckin’ Irish and we don’t do it that way!”. (Marlboro fuckin’ quarter Irish didn’t have the same ring to it).
The week is just beginning, but we’ve already cooked off 100 pounds. The big day is still a week away, though we’ll be serving it in different manners all week. I hope to share some of the new recipes we come up with. If anyone has ideas for the copious amounts of fat left, I’m all ears. I’ve used a bit for a fat washed vodka. Mmmm Reuben Martini. Or maybe create a torchon. (Follow the procedure for pig head torchon in Chang’s Momofuku book). Happy eating & drinking this week.

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